Inside your AIOP back office, you will find quite a few tutorials to show you how to use your new set of web tools.  Here are some tutorial links on one page so you can refer to back to them quickly:

Splash Builder Tutorial,Part 1
Splash Builder Tutorial,Part 2
Splash Builder Tutorial, Part 3

How to Generate the Signup Form
How to Create and Edit Campaigns
How to Create Followup Emails  

Managing Your Prospect List, Part 1
Managing Your Prospect List, Part 2  

Set up your AIOP web hosting account
How to add a domain to your AIOP hosting 

Install WordPress  (this is my favorite “shortcut”!)
A Brief Tour of the WordPress Dashboard 

As I mentioned, there are many, many more videos and other training in your AIOP back office. Some of these videos are under the Products tab…scroll down and find the “play” icons and click on them – there is one enabled for the Basic Level membership and an additional one for the Pro Level membership:

All In One Profits video tutorials




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