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On the post where I showed you how to first set up your hosting account, you saw the screenshots showing you can use the “Quick Install” option.  Actually, there is more than one way to install WordPress, and they’re both quick!  It doesn’t matter which one you choose.  The following screenshot shows the Fantastico option:

Fantastico in CPanel

Then click on the WordPress link in the left column.  Then in the information that appears on the right, click the link that says “New Installation.”  Next, from the drop-down menu, select the domain you want to put your new site on.  Leave the “Install in directory” box blank.  Enter your admin name and password, and click the Install button at the bottom:

choose WordPress directory

And then click “Finish Installation”:

Install WordPress

Now, you can click the link to return to the CPanel in the upper left corner.  If you check to see if your new WordPress site comes up when you type your domain name into your browser’s address bar, you might see something like this, for example:

new WordPress site

WordPress will always show a default theme, as well as a sample first post entitled “Hello World.”  You might notice in my screenshot above, I have one domain name in the address bar but a different name shows on the site.  If you already had one domain on your server and then added an additional “add-on” domain to have a second website, this is likely what you will see.  Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you made a mistake!  You simply need to change some things in the WordPress dashboard.

So let’s go to the WordPress dashboard now, and change a few settings.  You will be able to get to the Dashboard by typing your domain name and adding “/wp-admin” to it in your browser address bar.  For example, for this website,, I would enter “”.  That will bring you to your login screen, and then the Dashboard.

There are some settings I always go to first on a new WordPress installation, to change them.  The first one is to change the format of the links of the posts you will make.  Go to Settings -> Permalinks, and select “Post name”:

change WordPress permalinks

The main reason you want to do this is has to do with helping your posts be found by Google and other search engines.  (Ideally, you want your post titles to have good “keywords” in them.)  For example, I wouldn’t want the link to this individual post to end up as something like “”, which is what the default format would  make it look like, and that won’t mean anything to anybody seeing it!  It’s much better that the post look like this: “”.  Don’t forget to click Save Changes on these settings.

Next, let’s go to Settings -> General, and be sure to change your Site Title and write a Tagline:

change WordPress site title

You can explore the other Settings and see if there is anything else you might want to change according to your personal preference, but you’ll probably want to leave most of them the way they are.  Next, go to Posts -> All Posts, and find that “Hello World” post and delete it.

The next thing to do will be to change that default theme!  Have fun as you explore the different themes and try some out.


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