How to add a domain to your AIOP web hosting

Unlimited domain hosting is one of the great features of All In One Profits (AIOP), and you get this for both levels of membership. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how I did an “add-on domain” and added another website to my All In One Profits web hosting account. I had one website up on AIOP already, the one you are looking at –, and I wanted to put up an additional website.

NOTE: Get a domain for $6.99 from Godaddy, that’s where I get all mine. CLICK HERE and look for the Godaddy offer after you log in.
The first step is to purchase a domain name, of course, if you don’t have one already that you plan to use. I bought my domain name through

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar
Then we need to point the domain name to AIOP’s server. We need to do that before we put up the website that will use that domain name.

So, let’s change the Nameservers.

Godaddy occasionally changes the look of their website, but this video should help you out:

You will select the domain name and then Set Nameservers.

select domain


You’ll first see Godaddy’s default nameservers listed:

godaddy nameservers

As the video shows, you are going to choose “Custom” nameservers, meaning you want to host your domain elsewhere and not with Godaddy.  You will usually have 2 nameservers to enter into these boxes to replace Godaddy’s nameservers. To have your domain name go to your AIOP web hosting account, the nameservers you will enter are NS1.AIOPHOSTING.COM and NS2.AIOPHOSTING.COM .

AIOP nameservers


enter AIOP nameservers

enter AIOP nameservers


Now you might have to wait a bit, because it can take all the servers some time to update these changes. The standard waiting period can be up to 72 hours.  You will next go to AIOP and install your new website on the domain you have just changed over to AIOP.

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